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The Pharma Marketing Glossary
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Multichannel Marketing (MCM)

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Similar or Alternative Terms Meaning the Same Thing Multichannel Pharma Marketing
Related Term(s) Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM)


It is common for pharmaceutical company customers (consumers, patients, and physicians) to use different channels (print, TV, web, mobile, social media, etc.) at different stages of their decision cycles.

Multichannel pharma marketing refers to the use of multiple synchronized communication channels to reach consumers, patients, and physicians with marketing communications or information at the appropriate point in their decision cycles.

The critical aspect of multichannel marketing is the synchronization of messages across channels. This requires deployment of appropriate information technology to gain a common view of customers across the different channels. The multichannel marketer must have the resources to coordinate messages reaching customers through these channels and to measure the effectiveness of each channel in reaching customers. The communications must appear seamless to customers.

When the marketing messages and/or channels are changed or modified in response to data collected from previous communications (ie, effectiveness, ROI, etc.), it is called "closed-loop marketing."

Reference: Rangaswamy, Arvind; Gerrit H. Van Bruggen (Spring 2005). "Opportunities and challenges in multichannel marketing".

Podcast: Customer Manages Relationship: A New Marketing Strategy

Blog Post: "Multichannel Marketing: Easy to Brag About, but Difficult to Do"

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